A SCHOOLGIRL left broken-hearted after missing out on meeting Jason Donovan has finally realised her dream 29 years later.

Helen Harris, aged 41, from Kidderminster, was 12 years old when she entered a kids' TV competition to meet the Australian star.

She was stunned when Jason rang her on live TV to invite her to meet him backstage at his next gig in October 1990.

But when Helen turned up at the concert with her friend to claim her prize she "bottled" it because she was too shy.

Her dream finally came true this week when her husband Scott tweeted the singer a clip from the 90s kids' music show The O-Zone and asked for his help.

Jason agreed and surprised Helen by arranging to meet her backstage after performing in Bromsgrove on Wednesday night (May 8).

Helen said: "It was an absolute dream come true.

"He was absolutely charming and we chatted about his time in Neighbours and how happy he was that his daughter was joining the show.

"I am so grateful to Jason for meeting me after I snubbed him almost 30 years ago.

"I did apologise to him and he laughed. He said he was pleased to finally meet me."

Helen became a "huge fan" of Jason after watching him play Scott Robinson in the Australian soap Neighbours.

Helen, who works for a commercial loans company, said: "I loved Neighbours and was a huge fan of Scott Robinson.

"I used to enter loads of competitions when I was 11 and 12 and there was one on TV to identify Jason from his old school photograph.

"I remembered I'd seen a story in Smash Hits magazine the week before so sent in my entry on the back of an envelope and didn't think any more about it.

"When I got a call from Jason on live TV telling me I'd won I didn't know what to say. I think I told him I might go to the concert.

"I took my friend to the NEC where he was performing and was told I'd meet him afterwards but when it came to it I just bottled it because I was so shy.

"I'd really enjoyed the concert so didn't think too much about it but a few days later I just broke down in tears because I'd missed out on meeting him.

"You do have regrets in life and I think that was a big one for me.

"I was disappointed because my shyness meant me and my friend didn't get to meet him."

After meeting husband Scott, 31, she told him about her childhood regret and he secretly arranged for his wife to finally meet her idol.

Scott, a videographer, said: "Helen had told me about the story about how she was too shy to meet Jason Donovan and when I found out he was performing nearby I thought

I'd try and help her finally meet him.

"I tweeted a video clip from the TV show where Jason calls her up and sent it to the venue where he was playing and asked for help.

"They were brilliant and Jason agreed to meet her after the gig. I kept it secret from Helen and on Wednesday after the concert had finished we were taken back stage and there he was.

"It was lovely to help fulfil Helen's childhood dream and finally claim her prize."

After finally meeting Helen, Jason tweeted: "This was brilliant. Finally got to Helen.What an absolute pleasure. Thank you for your continued support Helen. Awesome xxxx."