FORENSICS and police teams have been seen at a property in Kidderminster for four days running.

Residents in Radford Avenue say police officers and crime scene investigators in full forensic suits and masks have been coming and going from a house on the corner of Baxter Avenue since Monday.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

This morning (Thursday), a police car and dog unit vehicle were parked next to St George's Park, with two more police vehicles stationed on Baxter Avenue.

One neighbour described seeing a police van arrive at the property on Monday, and later saw forensic teams removing what looked like a large broken mirror from the house.

West Mercia Police would not confirm the reason behind the ongoing police presence, but said it was part of an "ongoing investigation".

Kidderminster Shuttle:

Police have neither confirmed or denied whether the search is connected to the discovery of a man's body in nearby Broad Street on Thursday, May 23.

Yesterday, police confirmed the body belonged to 48-year-old Paul Lundy.

Nathan Calder, aged 27, of Eddy Road, Kidderminster, is charged with his murder and will appear at Birmingham Crown Court on May 31.