NIMBLE-FINGERED knitters have completed 700 miniature woolly hats in a bid to raise money for an older people's charity.

Needles were clicking furiously, at Sainsbury's, Kidderminster, from 11am, on Tuesday, as 12 people created 310 of the winter woollies.

The remaining bobble hats have been collected in the past weeks, at Woolwise, Kidderminster, which donated all the wool for the charity event.

The tiny intricately-made hats, just 3ins in diameter, will now be put on the tops of Innocent Smoothie bottles with 50p from every drinks sale going to Age Concern's Christmas Appeal Fund.

The woollies will be sent away to the smoothie company's distribution premises, on Monday, where workers will attach the hats and send them to the supermarket's stores, throughout the UK, for sale, on November 7.

The nationwide event raised £87,500 in total, in 2006, with 175,000 hats collected from across the UK.

Juliet Fox, Carpet Trades Way supermarket spokeswoman, said: "It was fantastic, we had 12 ladies knitting.

"We all had a good natter as well.

"I started at 11am and my fingers are really sore because I can't really knit properly so I'm not used to it but we had a few cups of coffee to keep us all going.

"It's gone really well."

Tina Mantle, Woolwise co-owner, invited along the store's regular knitting group members, who meet at her store three times a week, to take part in the knitathon.

They were joined by Sainsbury's staff and members of the public for the bash.

The charity event was all in day's work for the Woolwise ladies who are knitting for good causes all year round, including Teddies for Tragedies, and are currently putting together shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Mrs Mantle said: "It went well and we had 12 or so ladies doing it during the day.

"A lot of my ladies were knitting the hats beforehand and then bringing them into the shop.

"We have regular sessions and it's an ongoing thing, we're always knitting something for charities."