AN amputee from Kidderminster placed second in the World's Strongest Disabled Man contest - just 11 months after he lost his leg.

Strongman Chris Wolf, who has lived in Kidderminster all of his life, made the tough decision to have his left leg amputated in July last year after suffering complications following a motorbike crash in Thailand in 2016.

The 35-year-old told The Shuttle: "Within two days of the surgery I was lifting furniture in the hospital.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

"Before I had the amputation I used to run ultra-marathons so I've always been quite fit. The accident was just a catalyst to train harder.

"I was back in the gym before I even got my prosthetic leg and I signed up for a 10k run, so I gave myself seven weeks to learn how to walk again. It was definitely painful at times.

"I started uploading videos to social media and a lot of people took notice. I got in touch with Britain's strongest man and he put me in touch with some other people in the industry and I was offered a place to compete.

"Not long after that I was offered a place at the worlds in Canada and I did pretty well. I came second.

"I've only been into this sport for just under three months so to compete at an international level that quick - I didn't expect to do very well. The people who compete in these competitions are monsters."

The World's Strongest Disabled Man competition, held in Canada, saw Chris pulling a two-tonne Jeep and performing deadlifts, Hercules holds and giant dumbbell presses.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

His heaviest deadlift was an impressive 260 kilos, but Chris said he won't rest until he wins first place.

"I will 100 per cent be competing again next year," he said. "No matter what it takes, I will be the world's strongest disabled man."

Chris is now looking for corporate sponsorship to continue competing on an international level. For more information, contact Chris Wolf on Facebook or Instagram.