A SCHOOL in Stourport says it is dealing with a photograph taken of a student's meal in accordance with its safeguarding policies.

The photo, which was posted on social media, showed a child's meal at Stourport Primary School, comprising two fish fingers and seven chips - prompting concerns from parents over the small portion size.

One parent told The Shuttle that people had switched their children to packed lunches "to ensure they eat correctly".

But headteacher Jacqui Elwis has since responded to the photograph, stating the portion was designed for younger children during a special Father's Day event, and failed to show the choice of food on offer.

Mrs Elwis said: "Our lunches are prepared by Class Catering who adhere to national guidelines on portion sizes and nutrition to provide a balanced diet.

"The health of our children is of the utmost importance to us all.

“The photograph was taken during a highly successful Father’s Day event, where 150 dads joined their children for lunch."

She added: "The fish fingers and chips portion was designed for the younger children, and the photograph fails to show that peas and buttered bread was available, plus a choice of puddings or celebration cake to mark the occasion.

"There was also the option of a sandwich lunch or jacket potato. Older children had a portion of fish with their chips or could join their dads to enjoy a curry.

“It is disappointing that it was shared on Facebook before the complaint was made and in advance of any response either school or caterers could provide, but I am pleased to report that there has been no decline in the number of school lunches being chosen.”

Mrs Elwis said the incident is now being "dealt with under safeguarding procedures".