A FAMILY of horse breeders are celebrating the birth of their 100th Suffolk Punch foal, a breed said to be rarer than the panda.

Mike Clarke and his daughter Alison have been breeding the Suffolk Punch Heavy Horse for nearly two decades at Holbeache Farm in Trimpley near Kidderminster.

The Suffolk Punch foal, which is known to be a difficult horse to breed, is named Samuel after Mike's grandad. There is a total of 33 of the breed on the farm.

Countryfile presenter Adam Henson bought Lexy, one of Mike and Alison's horses, which was born and bred at the farm.

Mike said: "We are trying to keep the Suffolk Punch going. There are only 80 breeding mares left in the country. They have got a long history and we are quite nostalgic here."

Kidderminster Shuttle:

Each year Mike and Alison hold a show at their farm to promote this rare breed - the Trimpley Heavy Horse Festival.

This year's festival will take place on Sunday July 28 at Holbeache Farm.

Mike and his family organise an array of activities from art exhibitions to horse and cart rides, tractor & trailer rides, donkey rides, fair, dog show, car boot sale, trade stands selling a variety of merchandise and refreshments.

Many of Mike’s Suffolks will be housed in the stables where the public can view them easily, and Mike will be around to talk about the horses.

People can also see the horses in the working field, ploughing and much spreading.

Mike added: "It's quite a big event. Horses will be there from all over the country. We want to also promote our horses.

"Visitors can get up close to our horses. It's a day out for the whole family."

All the proceeds from the show are donated to several local charities but the main donation goes to the Suffolk Horse Society.

The show opens at 10.30am and closes at 4.30pm.

Admission costs £6 for adults, £4 for children and £5 for OAP’s, and Children under 5 can enter for free.