STOURPORT art fans are invited to witness a quirky art exhibition featuring over 250 pockets from around the world.

Artist Paula MacGregor has brought her latest project Dangerous Pockets to the Civic running from today (Tuesday July 9) through to Saturday July 27.

The installation includes an array of pockets from all over the world, and she is asking people to send her pockets they have made, which she is threading onto red cords and sending on tour around England.

The artist was inspired by the poem Dangerous Coats by Sharon Owens, a light-hearted poem that caught her imagination.

Paula says: “This project is bringing people together of all ages - and helping to break social isolation, as well as encouraging conversation about matters of health, fairness and general well being.

“Many people are saying the pockets are cathartic and therapeutic – helping them work through recent surgery and unpleasant treatments, and issues from their past. Others have said the pockets have awakened their creativity, and others have become a bit addicted and made several.”

There are already well over 250 pockets in the collection, and the project is really sparking the imagination of people from all over the world.

There are pockets from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany and Spain.

This is an ongoing and growing project running right through the whole of 2019. It is a travelling exhibition, which was launched on International Women’s Day.

There will be a huge final exhibition back in Colchester, Essex for International Women’s Day in March 2020 before the pockets head of to Tazmania in May.

People can visit the exhibition from Tuesday though to Friday between 10-2pm and from 11-1pm on Saturday.