A KIDDERMINSTER couple whose business in Stourport fell victim to credit card fraud have been told they will have to repay the money themselves.

Lucy and Richard Walker, who own Weldmax UK in Baldwin Road, received a letter from Barclaycard on Monday saying a fraudulent transaction for £1,200, charged six weeks earlier, had been paid into their business account.

The money had come from an account in Denmark, and the holder had contacted his bank to report the unauthorised transaction.

After looking through sales records and CCTV footage, the couple pinpointed a customer who spent the same amount on two welding machines, typically used on cars.

Co-owner Lucy said: "The man rang Richard up on June 10 and said he was interested in buying and could we do a better price.

"He rang back later and said he was going to take them and arranged to come in to the unit that afternoon.

"I got all the equipment boxed up and turned up around lunchtime. Looking back, he did seem very rushed.

"He paid for the products on his card and it wouldn't go through the first time, so he started messing about with the card machine and his phone. He said he was transferring money from his business account.

"He swiped the card and out came the receipt. He signed for it and the signatures and the expiry date matched. I even helped him carry them out to his van.

"Six weeks later we get this letter from Barclaycard saying a fraudulent transaction had gone through.

"They said these people are so good at what they do that you don't know when it's happening under your own nose."

The husband and wife have reported the incident to Action Fraud, but have been told they will need to repay the £1,200 to the card merchant in full.

Lucy added: "We want to make the local community and businesses aware to prevent this happening to anyone else.

"Not only have we lost the goods involved but we are also out £1,200. Weldmax UK is a small local distributor. We've been trading for two years and have worked very hard to grow this business. This will impact our company."

The couple have released CCTV images of a male customer who visited the shop on June 10.

He is described as being around 5ft 5, white, between 20 and 30 years old and with short dark hair and facial hair. He was wearing a tracksuit and bum bag across his chest.

Anyone with information can contact Weldmax UK on 01299 488898.