A MOTORCYCLIST has raised concerns over the lack of any designated motorbike bays in plans for the new Kidderminster Railway Station forecourt.

Deano Walker, who lives in Bewdley but travels to work in Birmingham by train, says there are currently no clear rules about parking motorbikes at the Comberton Hill station due to there being no bays, which he says is resulting in riders being slapped with a fine.

The 47-year-old said: "I've been parking at Kidderminster Station for the last three years and when it's dry I use my motorbike, but I have to be very careful where I park so that I don't get a parking ticket.

"Then I found out that there will be no motorbike bays during the redevelopment of the station, nor will there be any when the new station is built.

"There are at least five or six of us motorcyclists who park there every morning, so the demand for them is definitely there.

"I find it hard to believe in the current climate, where councils are trying to encourage people to use alternative means of transport, that the companies behind the station development aren't taking this opportunity to encourage more people to ride."

Under the current system, motorcyclists wishing to park at the station are expected to park in a marked car parking space and purchase a full-priced ticket.

But Deano said: "I'd be willing to pay to park at the station, but at a reduced price because we don't take up as much space."

Deano is now encouraging other motorcyclists who use Kidderminster Station to contact West Midlands Trains and Worcestershire County Council to show there is demand for designated motorbike bays.

The county council said it will be meeting with West Midlands Trains to discuss parking allocation.

A council spokesman said: "The car park at Kidderminster Station is managed by West Midlands Trains, however county council officers will be meeting West Midlands Trains shortly to discuss parking space allocation.

"Motorbike parking will be one of the matters under discussion."

A West Midlands Trains spokesperson added: “Kidderminster Station is undergoing a major transformation to improve the travelling experience for passengers.

"Unfortunately due to the limited space on site we are not able to introduce designated motorcycle spaces in the car park.

“We are fully committed to making rail travel sustainable and accessible. We are currently working with passengers and partners across our network to design Station Travel Plans to encourage green travel wherever possible.”