A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl from Stourport had her first haircut in six years to make a wig for a child with cancer.

Rapunzel wannabe Isabella Packer decided to chop off her precious locks for the Little Princess Trust after seeing an advert on television about children with cancer.

Proud mum Sarah said: "She saw the advert on telly and started asking questions about why they didn't have hair.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

"I explained to her that unfortunately some children get ill and they take medicine which makes their hair fall out. I said to her there is a trust which makes wigs for children and you can donate your hair.

"Isabella has only ever had her hair cut twice in nine years and she's always wanted to be Rapunzel - it used to take me an hour to comb it - but when I said that the first thing she said is that she wanted to donate her hair to a child with cancer."

Isabella's hair was an impressive 50cm long when she braved the scissors at Phillip Farnsworth Hairdressing in Stourport.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

She also had her hair dyed pink to show her support for breast cancer awareness.

As well as donating her hair, Isabella raised £173 for the Alzheimer's Society in memory of her late great grandmother who suffered with the disease.

"Isabella has always been very caring of others," said Sarah. "She was awarded the most likely person to create world peace award at school last term. I'm very proud of her."