CASH flow issues at Kidderminster Harriers Football Club meant some academy coaches received only half of their salary last week.

One staff member, who asked to remain anonymous, said some coaches at the Harriers Academy are looking for new jobs after being paid half of their monthly salary for August - five days after pay day.

The coach said on Tuesday: "Most months we get paid late but this time they have gone too far.

"We were meant to be paid on the last day of the month and I only received half of the money five days late and I'm still waiting for the other half.

"I've got bills to pay and I've got to put food on the table. Enough is enough.

"We've got 120 boys and girls at the academy and the club receives funding for every one of them. We want to know where that money has gone.

"The club is in a mess. This is the worst it's ever been."

Club director David Seddon said coaches were paid the other half of their salary this morning, and said the cash shortage was a result of a creditor not paying up.

He told The Shuttle: "Part of the issue is cash flow. I'm not excusing it but we had a problem with a creditor and it put us in a position where we weren't able to pay everyone.

"This coincided with an away game so we didn't have any cash coming in.

"I had to make a decision on who should be paid and I made the assumption - perhaps wrongly - that these part-time coaches had other incomes coming in from other employment.

"That's been rectified after a couple of days and I can only apologise that it wasn't on time."

Fans are still awaiting a statement confirming the club's new owner, and were told last week the delay is a result of "legal process and procedure" beyond the club's control.

Mr Seddon added: "We're in the process of a takeover and it is having a knock-on effect. People are a bit jittery about where they stand and so am I.

"There are lots of things that need to be addressed - the club living beyond its means and paying too much for players for example.

"Everyone bears the responsibility for that within the club."