BUILDERS renovating a bungalow in Stourport found a 55-year-old message for 'the Kidderminster paper' scrawled on plasterboard inside a wall.

Workmen discovered the note while knocking down a kitchen wall at a home in The Ridgeway on Tuesday.

It reads: "Whoever finds this please put it in the Kidderminster paper.

"Year 1964. Date 25th May."

The message is signed by Michael John Knight and Fredrick K Willson, both carpenters and aged 20 years old.

Builder Daniel Campbell, aged 33, who found the note, said: "It's a timber frame house and it's so old now so we're knocking down all the internal walls to erect new ones and fit new plumbing.

"I found it inside one of the plaster board walls in the kitchen and I just thought it was nice someone had put it there.

"The house hasn't been touched so I'm assuming it's the original carpenters that did it.

"I've found things inside walls in the past but nothing as good as that.

"I was going to post it on Facebook but then I thought if the carpenters are that old they're probably not on Facebook.

"It would be nice to honour a fellow tradesman's request."