WOVEN landscapes and sculptures at an exhibition in Kidderminster aim to change people's perceptions of what a carpet can be.

The Museum of Carpet's summer exhibition, which celebrates woven forms that break the boundaries of traditional flat woven cloth, ends on September 28.

It includes The Flying Carpet, a 150-foot-long recreation of a section of the Sacramento River. Completed in 2005, the sculpture was an example of ground-breaking technology at the time.

Its designer used digital photographs taken of the area and fed them into specialised equipment which recreated the image by dying the wool to match.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

The machine is capable of producing a spectrum of 60,000 colours, making the sculpture almost unrecognisable as carpet.

Visitors to the Green Street museum can also browse a temporary exhibition of Jan Bowman's work, which uses traditional hand loom weaving methods to create landscapes and sculptures.

The Museum of Carpet provides an insight into the industry that made Kidderminster the town it is today.

What is now a carpark was once a factory producing carpets to be sent around the world.

Visit museumofcarpet.org.uk for more information about current exhibitions.