MEMBERS of a long-running sports club in Bewdley have finally found a new home after years of instability after raising thousands of pounds.

Bewdley Pétanque Club has faced a host of difficulties for over 30 years, moving from one venue to the next, but have now funded a new facility at Bewdley Cricket Club after raising £12,000.

The sports club was originally based at the Hop Pole Inn in 1985, and later Royal Forester Inn at Bliss Gate, but the two pétanque venues were not secure options for the players.

The club, who have two teams, play in the Severn Valley Pétanque League and members spent years trying to find a new suitable location to play their beloved sport.

Applications for grants to help fund a future home were made to the Sports Council, but these were unsuccessful.

However, after talks with Bewdley Cricket Club, the petanque players were able to set their sights on a new home ground.

Planning permission was granted to build a new pétanque facility at the cricket club and members decided to donate money to fund the development.

The club also held charity quizzes, garden party fundraisers, and were supported by the Rotary Club of Bewdley in their efforts to raise cash.

Despite the ongoing building work, which started last September, the group were also able to play the sport at the cricket club this season.

They held an opening day event at Bewdley Cricket club on Sunday, September 8, which was attended by Bewdley Mayor John Byng.

Bewdley Pétanque Club treasurer Bob Hill said: "It's all down to the members. We've been playing for 33 years now, we started in 1985.

"We spent years trying to find somewhere a bit more stable. We did find the security when we talked to the cricket club.

"In the past we were playing but one team had to play elsewhere because we didn't have the facilities.

"We couldn't play together as a club.

"We've got our home ground and we are back together."