A GANG of 'pathetic' yobs threw an olive tree worth hundreds of pounds into the river outside a Bewdley pub.

CCTV footage from The Cock and Magpie pub shows a group of three youths causing havoc just before midnight on Wednesday, September 25.

The group appear to struggle as they pick up an £800 potted olive tree, owned by the pub, before throwing it over a rail and into the River Severn.

One of the youths appears to stay to try and pick up another potted plant, before running away from the scene with the other two.

Staff at the pub have called the actions "pathetic" and contacted police about the incident.

A staff member at the Cock and Magpie said: "If anything, I find it quite pathetic that people have the time to do that sort of thing.

"I'm just shocked at what people are like."

The pub first bought the olive tree four years ago.