KIDDERMINSTER theatre fans are invited to witnesses a dysfunctional family affair full of humour and heart.

The Nonentities will stage their latest production of The Herd, a witty and heartfelt play which tackles family life, at the Rose Theatre from Monday, November 4 to Saturday, November 9.

The play follows a small family get-together to celebrate Andy Griffith’s 21st birthday, who has been in a care home for years and is unaware that it's his birthday.

His mother Carol is acutely aware, and she wants everything to go without a hitch, inviting Andy’s elder sister, Claire, and his grandparents, Brian and Patricia.

But, with the arrival of two unexpected guests: Claire’s boyfriend, a Lancastrian performance-poet, and Andy’s father, Ian, who abandoned the family and is loathed by everyone in the room, the celebration might not run so smoothly.

The play takes a look at a family falling apart, and pulling together, when life doesn’t turn out the way anyone had planned.

The production contains language that some may find offensive.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, people can contact the box office on 01562 743745, or visit

Performances will start at 7.30pm.