AN emergency involving a 21-month-old girl who suffered a seizure in Kidderminster has featured on a TV show.

The Channel 4 documentary 999: On the Frontline saw paramedics working against the clock to help toddler Isla, who became unconscious after suffering a febrile seizure.

West Midlands Ambulance Service responded to a call from distressed mother Terri, who said her little girl fell onto a chair, went rigid, and was falling in and out of consciousness.

Viewers watched Terri rush to her neighbour’s house after her daughter then started fitting.

The real-time show follows paramedics Mike and Rob as they rush to the Kidderminster home to deal with the category one emergency.

Terri tells the paramedics that the incident was “completely random”.

She said: “She’s been fine all morning. She just went rigid and wouldn’t move.”

The paramedics believed Isla suffered a febrile seizure and ran temperature checks to determine whether this was the case.

Febrile seizures are fits can happen when a child has a fever, and are common between the ages of six-months and three years.

After struggling to take an accurate reading, Isla was then taken to the paediatric ward at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester.

She spent a day in hospital having tests, which confirmed she had a seizure, and then returned home.

Speaking after the ordeal, Terri said: “I really thought I was losing her. You don’t want to see your child go through that.”

The show aired on Sunday, November 3, and is now available to watch online at