A DANGEROUS driver led police on a high speed chase through Worcester, crashing his van and forcing a pedestrian to dive out of the way.

David Jeary admitted dangerous driving and failing to provide a specimen for analysis when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday (November 14).

The 34-year-old, who was behind the wheel of a Ford Transit van, refused to stop for police, prompting a pursuit through Bath Road, London Road and Diglis Road which ended with him crashing into a Mini near his home on April 25 this year.

Police suspected he had been drink driving but did not manage to obtain an evidential sample. The court heard that Jeary's leg was in plaster and he was on crutches and that, as a result, could not have controlled the van properly.

Nicola Ritchie, prosecuting, said Jeary contravened a number of traffic signs including two keep left signs and one no entry sign and also went the wrong way down a one way street, "narrowly avoiding a high speed collision with a pedestrian who had to take evasive action".

Miss Ritchie described Jeary "driving at speeds well over the speed limit" during the police pursuit which she said was an aggravating feature of the case.

"He caused a number of third party vehicles to take evasive action to avoid a collision," said Miss Ritchie.

Jeary struck a Mini, causing damage to the offside and came to a stop at Woodhouse Close, the road where the defendant then lived, only to be arrested when he got out of the driver's side of the van. The pursuit covered a distance of 1.2 miles.

She added: "The Crown case is that he would not have been in a position in any event to control the vehicle, notwithstanding the dangerousness of the driving."

A non-evidential sample of 83mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath (above the legal limit of 35mcg) was taken at the roadside but he failed to provide an evidential sample while in custody.

She said he did have previous convictions including failing to provide a specimen for analysis and failing to stop after an action.

Jeary was represented at the hearing by duty solicitor Katherine Maynereid but she did not make representations or lay out mitigation because the case was deemed too serious to be dealt with by the magistrates court.

The chairman of the bench said: "Looking at the guidelines, this is clearly a crown court matter with regard to sentence."

Jeary, now of Pershore Road, Kidderminster, will next appear for sentence at Worcester Crown Court on December 13.

Magistrates imposed an interim disqualification until that hearing but granted unconditional bail.

He was asked to co-operate with the probation service in the preparation of a pre-sentence report to assist the sentencing judge.

Those convicted of dangerous driving face a mandatory disqualification and must also sit an extended driving retest.

Jeary will have to apply for a provisional driving licence and drive as a learner, pass a theory test and pass an extended practical driving test.

The practical test is longer and more demanding than the normal test, lasting for about 70 minutes and covering a wide variety of roads, including dual carriageways.