A FAMILY was evacuated from their home on Saturday after a grenade was discovered wrapped in newspaper inside a garage in Mustow Green.

The occupants found the unusual package while clearing out a garage and contacted police.

Specialist police teams were sent to the property at around 3pm on Saturday, November 16 and local Safer Neighbourhood Teams attended to evacuate the nearest properties.

An explosions expert assessed the grenade and deemed it to be inactive.

The grenade, which is thought to be from wartime, was disposed of safely and the family was allowed back into the property.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: "We had a call at around 3pm to a family who had been clearing out a garage and found what they thought to be a grenade wrapped in newspaper.

"Upon finding it, they contacted police and we sent an explosions specialist to the scene.

"When they reviewed the item it was found to be inert. It is believed to have been there a while - possibly since wartime.

"It was disposed of and the family was allowed back into the property.

"The situation was resolved within two and a half hours and there are no concerns around national security."