AN Indian restaurant in Kidderminster has been told to remove bedding from an upstairs area after concerns were raised that people were sleeping there in a hygiene report.

Bombay Blues, on Blackwell Street, was visited by Worcestershire Regulatory Services on two occasions last month, who gave the restaurant a food hygiene rating of 'one.'

Inspectors told management that "persons should not be sleeping" in an upstairs area of the restaurant following a visit on Sunday, October 24. The business was also told to ensure staff "do not smoke" in this area.

The report highlights the "standard of cleaning was poor throughout the kitchen and storage areas, including walls, floors, ceiling, equipment, shelving and cookers."

Concern was raised about the "poor practice" of leaving cooked rice in the oven once cooking had finished and the restaurant was asked to "refrain from defrosting prawns under the sink."

The report says: "You and your staff need to attend refresher food hygiene training."

Management are to provide a satisfactory electrical certificate "carried out by a competent person," after concerns about aspects of electrical wiring.

The Indian restaurant was revisited on Wednesday, October 30 and inspectors told the business to "declutter" upstairs areas and "remove all bedding."

The report says: "Cleaning has improved but more work is required – particularly in the store area attached to the kitchen." The business was also told to "defrost and clean all freezers."

Manager Salim Miah has apologised for food hygiene "not being up to our normal standard."

"We are disappointed we took our eyes off the ball," he said. 

Mr Miah says the visits came when the restaurant was being refurbished, which has since been completed.

He also says that people sleeping in an upstairs room has only happened occasionally and has not took place since the visit.

He added: "The cleaning is now up to scratch - 100 per cent."