EX-Kidderminster Harriers boss John Pemberton has launched an astonishing attack on the club in a row over his resignation.

Pemberton claims a statement from the Harriers announcing his departure was fake news designed to blame him for the club's poor form.

He claims when he was hired he was told he would get cash to buy players but two weeks later the club said it was in administration and the coffers were empty.

Pemberton said: "I was given a blind horse and asked to win the Grand National, all I've been told is lies. The statement made it clear they have taken no responsibility.

"I found the position untenable, I cannot carry on in the circumstances, for six months it's been a firefight.

"I have had no backing at the club, all they have done is move the goalposts, I was promised the Earth but they cut budgets."

The statement from the club announcing Pemberton's resignation said: "While managing the club has had its challenges this season, we feel strongly that with the players at our disposal and with what is a considerable budget for this division, we should be in a far better situation than we currently find ourselves."

Read more from the statement here

However the former boss says budgets were so tight he was not sure if there would be a team bus for an away match at Blyth Spartans.

He added: "I had nine players for pre-season, I signed Ashley Hemmings and thought that would start a turnaround but I was told I couldn't bring in any players."

Pemberton, who has previously worked for bigger clubs including Crystal Palace, Nottingham Forest and Bristol City, says he was willing to go quietly until he read the statement.

He said: "I found it difficult to read, I thought that is not right. I walked away and was happy to keep my mouth shut but they are pushing it under my door.

"I wish they had been honest from day one so I knew what I was walking into."

Harriers declined to make further comment.