A BUS service linking Kidderminster with Ludlow looks set to end in January.

R&B Travel are to end the 292 service between Ludlow and Kidderminster and the 291 service between Kidderminster and Tenbury on Monday, January 5, 2020.

If the service is lost then it will also affect Bewdley, Far Forest, Clee, Cleobury Mortimer and Hopton Wafers.

Worcestershire and Shropshire Councils say they are working to find alternative operators.

Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, said: "I get messages every day from people worried that buses will not run between Ludlow and Kidderminster after Christmas.

“This is a very popular route for people who need to shop and travel onwards."

Cllr Boddington said Shropshire Council's transport staff are negotiating a new contract for a regular service between Ludlow and Kidderminster.

He added: "Any new service must run on a timetable that works. At present, the bus drivers are only given 58 minutes to drive the route.

“They need to put their foot down to achieve that. They are then only given two minutes at either end of the journey before returning. They sometimes don’t have enough time for pee.”

Worcestershire County Council said the 291 service would be re-tendered and assured the service would continue in the new year.

A council spokesman said: "We are currently liaising with Shropshire County Council regarding the future funding of the 292 service."

The Ludlow to Kidderminster service was run for a few years by Diamond Bus and was taken over by R&B Travel in March 2018.

A Traffic Commissioner's hearing was held on October 21 where the ending of the service was confirmed.

R&B declined to comment.