A JURY has heard that a man who was killed in his Kidderminster flat would often show his penis to family and friends as a “party trick”.

Nathan Calder, of Eddy Road, claimed he stabbed 48-year-old Paul Lundy in self-defence after the victim “sexually propositioned and man-handled” him, but Worcester Crown Court heard today that Mr Lundy would often expose his genitals because “he was proud of the size of his penis”.

The court was previously told how the 28-year-old stabbed Mr Lundy three times with a kitchen knife at his home in Maureen Aston Court, Broad Street, on May 22 this year.

Giving evidence behind a screen today, Mr Lundy’s friend and neighbour Ronald Saunders said the victim and the defendant had been drinking together and socialising with a group of people in the car park of the flats that day.

Mr Saunders said: “Paul told me he had had an argument with his ex-partner and he seemed very upset. You could see he had been crying.”

He told the court that when he left to go to a chip shop just before 7pm, Mr Calder was vomiting in a hedge. When Mr Saunders returned and headed back to his own flat, he said Mr Lundy and Mr Calder were still in the car park, sharing a bottle of cider.

When Mr Saunders returned to the car park soon afterwards, they had gone.

He said Mr Calder and Mr Lundy had known each other for roughly two years and were “good friends”.

He admitted Mr Lundy “liked a drink” and would drink alcohol most days, starting early in the day.

The court then heard how, on another occasion, Mr Lundy and his son had “undressed completely” in front of Mr Saunders while in his flat, prompting him to leave because it made him “feel uncomfortable”.

Mr Saunders described Mr Lundy as an “extrovert” and an “exhibitionist”, adding: “He was constantly cuddling up too much and it did make you feel uncomfortable.

“It wasn’t sexual. He was just too affectionate when he had a drink.”

Kidderminster Shuttle:

Mr Lundy’s son Lewis Hughes told police in a statement shortly after his father’s death: “I have never seen anything to say that my dad was gay or bisexual.

“He was proud of the size of his penis. It was his party trick.”

A eulogy featured on the order of service for Mr Lundy’s funeral, which was shown in court, said the deceased “liked to think he was God’s gift and a bit of a ladies’ man who wouldn’t leave his privates alone”.

The court heard that Edith Lundy, the victim’s sister, previously told police: “It was a family joke. He was known for touching his privates and messing with himself.

“The habit started as a young lad and he just never grew out of it.

“It was all in jest. He just wanted to make people laugh.”

Mr Calder denies murder. The trial continues.