A KIDDERMINSTER man is making virtual reality films to help winter blues sufferers find a sunny escape.

Christopher Dale, aged 78, set up his not-for-profit company Sunspot films earlier this year alongside Samuel Hutton, who are making virtual reality films in a 360-degree format.

The initial idea was to create sunny outdoor country walks in a virtual reality for people suffering from seasonal affective disorder, also known as winter blues.

The idea then progressed to offering films to people in rest homes or older people in their own homes who find it hard to get out.

The virtual reality films are also being used by groups who look after people suffering with dementia.

The films are viewed on the type of goggles used by people who do ‘gaming’, or they can be downloaded onto a telephone which is then placed into a goggle frame.

Some of the videos the company have produced includes a walk around Areley Arboretum, a narrow boat journey and even a trek on the three UK peaks.

The facility is also being offered to churches which will have still 360-degree photos to put on their website.

Christopher also intends, on a more commercial basis to contribute to cost, to offer the system to hotels to publicise their banqueting rooms.

Christopher said: "The people that have seen it it already think it's great.

"We have a selection of films really, people can literally go for a walk in the country."

Christopher says a website will be up and running in the near future for people to took a look at the videos on offer.