A KIDDERMINSTER man is paying a high price for leaving litter in his wake after dropping a cigarette end.

Dean Golding was found guilty at Kidderminster Magistrates Court of driving away after dropping the litter out of his car window.

The 36-year-old, from of Blackwell Street, Kidderminster, who had denied throwing litter within the area of Wyre Forest district and leaving it, was ordered to pay £854.81.

Nina Dorrell, prosecuting for Wyre Forest District Council, told magistrates Golding threw the cigarette out of the car window whilst driving on the Stourport Road, towards Kidderminster.

The offence, which happened in April, was seen by a council waste minimisation officer.

Golding disputed the article was a cigarette but admitted the could not remember either way.

Magistrates found Golding guilty, he was fined £150 and instructed to pay victim surcharge of £30.

He was also ordered to pay £674.81 in prosecution costs.

Robert Beeston, Wyre Forest District Council’s senior community and environmental protection officer said: “This is another example of someone incurring additional expense because of their anti-social behaviour.

“There is never a good excuse to throw litter in the street and we owe it to the majority of our residents who support our ongoing commitment to keeping the district a safe, clean and green living environment to take action in cases like this.”