After the third general election in three years, and the third election this year, we now have a strong majority and stability in Parliament.

The result of last week’s election could not have been clearer, both in the country and here in Wyre Forest.

With a significant majority, the government now has a clear mandate to deliver Brexit, the divorce agreement being delivered on January 31, the long-term relationship being completed by December 31 next year.

Here in Wyre Forest, Conservatives now have the biggest vote share of our local MPs ever, with two in every three voters backing Boris Johnson’s plans for Brexit.

This could not be a clearer mandate. And with a majority of over 21,000 votes, the rejection of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership is as clear here as it is across the country.

It is not for me to explore here the profound problems plaguing the Labour Party, but I was finding on the doorstep Corbyn’s leadership has been a key deciding factor, a finding echoed by many of his own MPs who lost their seats due his confused policies.

However, whilst my mandate has been reinforced, now is certainly not the time for triumphalism.

Our country and Wyre Forest has been divided and now is the time to bring it together.

I know that many natural Labour, as well as committed Conservative, voters supported me and I am incredibly grateful.

This country is embarking on a great endeavour called Brexit and we must get behind it as one.

Indeed, we must get behind the new EU trade deal, a deal that many have said is impossible to complete within the 12-month timeframe, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary that the EU also signed the deal guaranteeing to deliver it in that time.

It is an honour to have been re-elected for my fourth term as your MP.

It is a humbling honour that on every occasion I have asked you for your vote, you reward me with increasing majorities, votes, and vote share.

We have a Brexit to deliver, and a manifesto to deliver. That will be our work until 2024, when we shall (hopefully) hold our next general election.

And here in Wyre Forest, I will continue to make myself available to anyone who wants to see me. Thank you so much for your support.