THE size of general waste bins in the Wyre Forest district could be reduced by a quarter to match those used in South Worcestershire.

Plans referenced in documents for December's district Cabinet meeting would see 240-litre bins replaced with 180-litre bins in an effort to boost recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste processed in Hartlebury.

The Cabinet papers state that any future plans would be subject to future reports and approvals.

But Wyre Forest District Council has since said it is unlikely to go ahead with the proposal unless Worcestershire County Council foots the cost.

A district council spokesman said: “Worcestershire County Council is the waste disposal authority for the whole of Worcestershire.

"In 2019, the county council approached district councils within North Worcestershire about the possibility of replacing 240-litre bins with 180-litre bins - the same size used in South Worcestershire.

“Evidence suggests that smaller black bins are associated with higher recycling rates, which have a number of environmental benefits.

"It would also mean less waste would need to be dealt with by the energy from the waste plant in Hartlebury.

“We have not taken any decision to change black bin sizes.

"We are unlikely to replace existing bins unless all the costs are met by Worcestershire County Council.”

Councillor Tony Miller, cabinet member with responsibility for environment at Worcestershire County Council, said: "As the waste disposal authority, Worcestershire County Council continues to explore ways of reducing waste and this involves discussing different options with the city, district and borough councils in their roles as waste collection authorities.

"However, any decision regarding size of bins would be for the relevant waste collection authority to make - in this case Wyre Forest District Council.

“We would always encourage a reduction in waste where possible.”