A CHINESE restaurant in Kidderminster has temporarily closed for refurbishment after receiving a ‘one’ food hygiene rating.

Management at China Legend on Bridge Street, which opened last year, was told to ensure staff are “regularly and thoroughly” washing their hands following an inspection in December.

Inspectors found that access to the hand wash basin was “poor” and “difficult”, which "has potential to hinder thorough and regular hand washing.”

They were also told to ensure food handlers are wearing “clean, protective clothing” before they work, refrain from “defrosting chicken in a pan under the sink” and “improve attention to detail in cleaning such as touch points, hand contact surfaces, handles, floor edges and interior of microwaves.”

The report says the "condition of the decking is unsafe" and inspectors told the restaurant to "prevent access by staff until fixed."

They also noted the restaurants probe thermometer was not working.

Owner, Jie Lin says he feels “positive” following the report and has closed the restaurant for “high class” renovations, which will see work completed on the premise’s gas and electrics.

He said: “We have closed temporarily. We are making these renovations because we want to be in Kidderminster long term.

“We have had lots of encouragement and we want to be successful here and keep a good relationship with the customers.

“We are also going to provide more creative things in the restaurant for the town centre.”

Mr Lin says he hopes to reopen China Legend sometime in April.

He added: "Reputation is the most important thing. We hope that people can come to us again.”