A KIDDERMINSTER-based electronic band have launched a new single and music video to kickstart their year.

White Noise Cinema, a six-piece electronic rock act, were busy gigging around some of the country's best independent venues last year.

After hitting the Magic Garden Recording Studio in Wolverhampton, they have now released their second single 'Unpersons' complete with a music video shot in Kidderminster.

The emotional music video was recorded in one continuous take in Puxton Lane and follows the perspective of a young woman as she interacts with a host different people played by Kidderminster actors.

The band, who are inspired by artists like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, is made up of vocalist Benjamin Hiorns, guitarist James Atkins, keyboard players Ben Allen and Tom Paine, Will Allman on bass and Scott Ewins on drums.

They define their sound as electronica with elements of rock music and haunting vocals.

Band member James said: "The video was made by our good friend James Delin who is a super talented videographer and editor.

"We had this concept for an ambitious one-take music video of someone walking through life.

"Each interaction has its own meaning, but you’ll have to work them out for yourself.

"We were fortunate to recruit some amazingly talented local actors and volunteers to fill all the parts, most of whom we had never met before.

"After a couple of run-through’s we managed to capture the whole thing in one go.

"I’m really proud of it to be honest, it was a ‘lightning in a bottle’ moment and I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who was involved."

The band say they plan the record more music throughout the year and play "bigger" shows.

James added: "We’re fortunate to have picked up a decent amount of local interest just on the back of our gigs.

"People almost always come up to us afterwards to tell us how much they enjoyed the set. We want to build that same momentum with recordings and Unpersons is the first step."

The band's music can be streamed on all major services including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

People can follow White Noise Cinema via their Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud accounts.