A TEAM of mums running a baby bank in Bewdley desperately need more space to store donations to keep their service working.

The three mums who run the Bewdley Baby Bank are appealing to the public to help source a new storage space as their donations continue to grow.

The baby bank, run by Kate Lewis, Rachel Hewlett and Kerena Taylor, provides baby clothes, prams and other equipment to mums within the Wyre Forest who are struggling to cope financially.

They have had to turn down donations due to the large quantity of items filling their Bewdley garage.

Kate said: "We've been having to turn away donations left right and centre.

"What we need is a lock-up or a garage where we can store the big items.

"We provide things like cots and baskets, it's not just clothes. It's big and bulky things which take up a lot of room."

The three juggle tasks between each other and also travel to give out the donations.

Kate says the baby bank is currently in the process of becoming a registered charity, which would help with future funding.

She added: "We started this last April and its taken off really well. We have had a lot of donations and we have helped a lot of families.

"Our service is definitely needed in Wyre Forest.

"We are running out of options and it's a shame to keep on turning people's donations away.

"We are limited as to what we can take. It's the only problem we have come across."