A BEREAVED dad from Kidderminster is petitioning for changes to mental health provision after the tragic death of his son Mitch.

Rob Collins, a lecturer at Kidderminster College, started the campaign Mitch’s Law to raise awareness of mental health issues in young people.

His son Mitch, who went to Wolverley Secondary School, took his own life last Easter at the age of 16. Rob discovered Mitch’s body at their home in Franche.

A tree was planted at Baxter college, Mitch’s previous school, and a memorial bench was installed at Wolverley.

The Mitch’s Law petition has already attracted 8,000 signatures.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Rob CollinsRob Collins

As part of the campaign, Rob will take on a challenging trek from Wolverley to Downing Street in July to raise money for Reach Out, a mental health charity which operates from Wolverley School.

He will be joined along the way by friends, family, colleagues and students from across the country.

Rob says the campaign aims to ensure “real measures” are put in place to support young people dealing with mental health problems.

He said: “Mitch’s Law is about raising awareness to increase the amount of mental health services available.

“It’s to promote the idea that young people can always talk and encourage them to. Change needs to happen for young people and for everyone.

“Mitch touched so many people’s hearts. I can’t quantify how life-changing it has been for the whole family and his friends. Over 300 people came to his funeral. He was pretty famous.”

Kidderminster Shuttle:

Reach Out founder Andrea Whitehouse said: “Last year, when the tragedy happened, we had to be there to support all of the children.

“When it was his funeral, we felt so bad that he didn’t come to us. I feel we would have been able to help more.

“This is what drives us to support the children. I don’t think people realise how bad it is. It’s a crisis. I think people are really going to get behind the campaign.”

People can follow the campaign by searching #MitchsLaw on social media.

To sign the petition, visit change.org/p/uk-parliament-change-to-services-regarding-young-people-s-mental-health.