A SINGER songwriter from Kidderminster has recorded a touching song as a lasting tribute to her late mother who was a regular patient at KEMP Hospice.

Freddi Smart's mum Alane Harvey lost her battle with cancer in August, aged 70. Now, Freddi is hoping to raise money and awareness for the charity that supported her family in Alane's final months.

She said: "I wrote It’s Your Time Now originally as a poem on the way to hospital, when it struck me that it could be my mum’s last night with us.

"At such an anxious and very distressing time, I actually found writing the poem brought me some comfort.”

The poem is about Freddi's younger brother Jamie, who was born with hydrocephalus and died when he was just two years old.

"Although he was a very poorly little boy, he had the most amazing laugh," said Freddi. "I remember well the night he died. Jamie had gone into hospital for an operation, but he didn’t survive. It was devastating."

She added: "As I travelled to hospital to see mum that night, it occurred to me that while we as a family were losing mum, Jamie would be getting his mum back at last, so the essence of the song is about asking Jamie to look after mum until a time when we all meet again.”

The poem was read at Alane’s funeral and was so well-received that Freddi decided to put the words to music.

The song is performed by Freddi and music producer Niven Smith and KEMP will receive 26 per cent of the profits from the single.

Freddi said: "She was taken from us too soon, but if we can help raise money for a charity that mum relied on throughout her final months, we know she would be so proud.

"I hope that people currently going through similar loss find the music uplifting and take as much comfort from the lyrics as we do.”

She added: "Valentine's was a really special time for mum and my step father. They always showed their love for one another and the family which is why this is perfect time to share our song.”

It’s Your Time Now is available to buy from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok and YouTube.