A MAN who was successfully treated for prostate cancer wants to publicly praise the NHS and local hospitals.

Survivor, Peter Vaughan, 76, told the Worcester News: “I want to redress the balance between those reports which criticise the NHS for incompetence; and the all too infrequent stories which give the other side of the equation.

"I realise that it is hard to find successful stories unless they jump in your lap. So, I would like to share mine.

Mr Vaughan said he was diagnosed after going to the toilet four to five times in the night in 2009.

He said: "I had read up on prostate cancer and in fact my friend had died of the disease. I went to see my GP and she diagnosed an enlarged prostate. Within two weeks of that initial appointment I was seen by a consultant at Kidderminster Hospital. I had the usual tests and very quickly thereafter, I had a biopsy at Kidderminster; which I will not go into but was not too painful.

"The result came back. I had prostate cancer. Then the emotions kicked in. My family had to be told, I was wondering if I would die like my friend Chris, how I would cope with this, and thinking I don’t want to die yet, I have too much to do."

Mr Vaughan said he was seen quickly at the Princess of Wales Hospital, in Redditch, and booked in for an operation.

He said: "I was anxious to discover if I would have urological problems afterwards but the surgeon told me it is down to the skill of the surgeon, and avoidance of nerves during the procedure.

"The operation went well, I recovered quickly and was driving in two weeks.

"Today I am not suffering in any way. My PSA score is always normal every year. The NHS was marvellous for me and there are no criticisms whatsoever. Perhaps I was lucky when others are not. I would like to mention the lead specialist nurses on the Worcestershire Prostate Survivorship team at Kidderminster, Kerry Holden and Sarah Holloway. They are superb.”

A spokesman for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said: “Our dedicated staff work day in, day out to provide the best possible care to patients, so we’re delighted to hear that the outcome in this gentleman’s case was so positive. We will be sure to share his thanks with the team directly involved in his care.”