A DISABLED father from Stourport is "desperate" to be rehomed to a bungalow after years of health complications.

Dean Wood lives with his three young girls on Linden Avenue, but says he is struggling to take care of them due to his deteriorating health.

The 38-year-old says he has been waiting over two years for a bungalow after falling down the stairs multiple times and finding it hard to cope with the size of his current home.

Dean said: "There's a lot I have been through. If I got a bungalow the majority of my problems would be solved. It would be better for the kids."

After developing cancer in 2006, Dean had an operation on his leg and underwent radiotherapy. He says had to learn to walk again and now uses crutches.

Although Dean is now cancer free, he later suffered a diaphragmatic hernia which makes it difficult for him to breath properly.

He says he will return to hospital this year to have his diaphragm repaired. At one point whilst in hospital Dean says he "died on the table."

Dean previously earned his living in scrap metal but had to give this up after becoming ill, which made him depressed.

His mum Jean Blent, aged 61, has been caring for her son and says she is "heartbroken".

She said: "He's desperate to get a bungalow. He's been falling down the stairs.

"The girls see all of this and it frightens them to death. They think he is going to die.

"He has to look after three girls himself. I've seen him sat on the edge of his bed crying.

"It's heartbreaking, I worry about him so much. He should be out enjoying life now.

"A bungalow would help in so many different ways and speed his recovery."

The Community Housing Group says they have been "assisting Mr Wood over a significant period of time to help him resolve his complex housing situation."

A spokesperson said: "We appreciate that his health is making it difficult to manage in his current home and although there is a shortage of the type and size of accommodation he would prefer, we have offered to work with health care professionals to explore other options for the family.

"We will continue to keep Mr Wood advised of our progress and provide support as required."