A QUIRKY canalside cottage in Stourport underwent a major renovation on a popular home improvement TV show.

A 300-year-old semi-detached cottage, close to the Bird in Hand pub, featured on the BBC programme Homes Under the Hammer.

Expatriate Tony, who has a background in construction, won the house for £110,000 at auction in December 2018.

He previously lived in Canada and Nigeria before returning to the UK and said the property appealed to him because he could be closer to his sons in Birmingham.

Presenter Dion Dublin visited the home, saying he was "very excited" about the one-bedroom property and its "amazing location".

He said: "There's loads of rooms and all good sizes for a cottage, but you'll have to give real thought on how best to use them all.

"Change that layout and this could easily be a three-bed house."

However, being in a conservation area, the presenter highlighted that renovation may be both expensive and difficult.

Although Tony received planning permission to rearrange the rooms into a three-bed layout, he said The Canal and River Trust objected to one part of his plans.

Tony told Dion: "There's a flat roof at the side of the building, which faces the canal and I wanted to take that flat roof off and put a large conservatory roof on it.

"They weren't keen on that at all, they wanted to keep the existing front elevation as it more or less is."

Tony gave himself between six and 12 months to renovate with a budget of £40,000. Eight months into the project work was well underway to transform the cottage.

Tony said: "By moving the accommodation around slightly, I'm going to make three bedrooms out of it, two bathrooms and a large kitchen."

Once work is complete Tony said he was undecided whether he will rent, sell or live in the property himself.

Two estate agents said when the work is completed the property could be worth up to £190,000, and on the rental market, up to £700 per calender month.

Tony added: "It's been an enjoyable experience to date. There have been a number of challenges.

"It hasn't put me off finishing the job and I will carry on until it's completed."

Series 23: Episode 71 of Homes Under the Hammer is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.