A SECURITY camera captured the moment a binman chucked a Kidderminster woman's entire wheelie bin into a rubbish truck.

Becky Cash, who lives in Cobden Street, checked the camera's footage after arriving home on Wednesday (February 12) to find one of her bins had disappeared.

She told The Shuttle: "At first I was confused as I had been to work and couldn't see our wheelie bin, so I checked the cameras."

Footage from around 3pm that day showed a Wyre Forest District Council binman dragging away two black bins, which were stationed outside Becky's property.

The worker can be seen looking inside one of the wheelie bins before throwing the entire container into the refuse lorry.

He then puts the second bin on the truck's bin lift before returning the empty container to the roadside.

Becky said: "[I was] shocked and confused why someone would throw a perfectly good bin away! Especially as they cost £43 to replace on the council's website if they're lost or stolen."

She later posted the video on Twitter, writing: "Um... @WyreForestDC why did your binman throw away our wheelie bin?!"

Becky said: "They told us that we are only allowed one bin per household.

"We used to use the two on rotation - and they were both at the house when we bought it.

"We honestly wouldn't have minded if Wyre Forest [Council] would have notified us to say we should only have one bin outside, however to see them throw away a perfectly good bin is just confusing.

"They could have reused it for another household!"

Councillor John Thomas, Wyre Forest District Council’s cabinet member for operational services, said: “Wyre Forest District Council provides properties with one refuse bin unless the homeowner has made a prior agreement with us to have another one.

"They may need an extra bin because they have a large household, or require a medical waste bin for example.

"In this case the household had more than one refuse bin but didn’t have an agreement in place with us.

"We are sorry the resident wasn’t told we were removing the extra bin at their home.

"When extra bins are removed we will reuse them whenever we can but unfortunately this bin was damaged and therefore disposed of.”