INSPECTORS found “strong academic standards” and “a lot of joy” when they visited Hartlebury CE Primary School.

Confirming that the village school continued to be "good", Ofsted said pupils got “a breadth of experience and learn to be responsible, thoughtful and considerate”.

Following last month’s inspection, inspectors said: "There is a lot of joy in this well-led school. Staff and pupils like being here and there is a strong sense of united purpose.

"Everyone is expected to work hard and behave well, and they do. But there is also time for fun and laughter and adults always listen to what pupils have to say.”

In a follow-up report, inspectors said subjects were planned and taught well. They highlighted RE as an example of “superb” quality of leadership, planning and learning.

They said the school made sure pupils aimed for excellence and introduced them to the best of human endeavour, through listening to the music of great composers and learning about the work of influential scientists and artists.

Although in maths and English, teachers were quick to give extra help to pupils finding it hard to keep up, inspectors said more challenge should be given to more able pupils and, on occasions, pupils made mistakes in maths that were not picked up quickly.

The inspectors added that safeguarding was effective and staff morale was high.

Headteacher Caroline Unitt said: “We are very pleased with the result and are very proud to be a part of such an amazing school with wonderful children and families.

"The inspectors saw our strengths and offered constructive feedback to help us develop further.”

Carolyn Gumbley, chair of governors, added: “The Ofsted report is a good reflection of our school and I am delighted that the effort of staff and pupils continues to be recognised so positively.”

Hartlebury CE Primary is part of the Severn Academies Educational Trust and chief executive, Chris King, praised staff for their continuing effectiveness.

He said: “There is particularly strong support from parents and carers because the school has high academic standards and provides a breadth of culture, sport and outdoor learning, all delivered in an atmosphere of joy.”