THE view from a Severn Valley Railway train window shows the extent of flooding between Bewdley and Bridgnorth.

The footage, taken by Daniel Maxwell for the SVR, shows water-logged fields along the route on Tuesday.

Volunteers and staff from the Railway have been working hard this week to ensure the SVR can stay open for passengers during half-term.

The team has had to clear debris from the tracks and is still carrying out regular inspections.

A spokesman for the Severn Valley Railway said: "The message from the SVR is that they are very much open for business this half-term, running daily between Bridgnorth and Bewdley until Sunday as planned - no trains to and from Kidderminster due to work on Falling Sands Viaduct.

"There are also kids’ Make Me a Train Driver workshops at Kidderminster Station running daily until Sunday.

"As the railway is elevated, a journey on board the trains actually provide a way to view and experience the real effects that the flooding has had on the landscape right through the Severn Valley, providing some very dramatic views."