A STOURPORT mum with depression says she is 'frustrated' after waiting months for home repairs.

Kirsty Sanson, aged 28, who lives at Old Ford Walk with her three young children, says she raised the issue of a hole in her ceiling and broken floor with The Community Housing Group in June last year. Her children are eight, five and 6 months old.

Ms Sanson says that water leaks into her bedroom from the hole in the ceiling when it rains, which she shares with her youngest child.

She said: "I suffer with depression and this has no helped at all.

"It needs to be sorted out. There's a hole in the ceiling of the front bedroom. The floor is falling through in the living room.

"It's a long time to be waiting."

Ms Sanson also says she has previously waited eight weeks for her heating to be repaired.

She says she was offered £40 in compensation from Oakleaf Commercial Services for a "delay in completing repairs" and a boiler installation.

"I don't think that's good enough for eight weeks," she said.

"I wouldn't be too bothered if it was just me living there. But I have to think about my children."

The Community Housing Group and Oakleaf Commercial Services say they will provide an update after a visit to Ms Sanson's home which is scheduled for Tuesday, February 25.

A spokesperson for The Community Housing Group said they tried to visit Ms Sanson's home on two occasions last year, "but she didn't keep her appointments".