WYRE Forest police officers have shared some "unacceptable excuses" people have provided whilst out in public during the lockdown.

Officers have told residents to stay home as much as possible in line with the Government's social distancing guidelines to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Whilst dealing with incidents, officers heard excuses which included; "I've just visited my mate to play xbox" and "We were going to play football."

One individual told officers: "I was only joking when I coughed in her face and said I have coronavirus".

Another said: "I thought because the weather was nice and we are all off we could all get together and have music and a few drinks".

They also encountered residents who told officers"I've taken my children with me to meet my brothers family while we all visit my elderly parents" and "I've driven from Kinver to walk my dog because I like it here."

Wyre Forest Police posted: "All of these people are putting themselves, others and us at unnecessary risk.

"These new measures are tough on us all, but if we all follow them, we can reduce the impact and save lives."