A WOMAN from Kidderminster put on a dinosaur costume to take her dog for a walk to give neighbours a laugh during the lockdown.

Ellie Oliver took her dog Pebbles for a walk around the Comberton Estate, where she lives with her mum, while dressed as a tyrannosaurus rex.

The 27-year-old told The Shuttle: "I already had the costume so I just thought why not go out and walk the dog and brighten people's days while everyone's stuck inside because of coronavirus."

Kidderminster Shuttle:

Photos taken by neighbours this afternoon (Tuesday, March 31) show the T-rex casually strolling down the road, led by the white French bulldog, and crossing at a junction.

Ellie added: "The response was brilliant. I had people cheering out of their windows and shouting over to me.

"I was just trying to give people a laugh and spread a bit of joy."

Similar stories have emerged in other parts of the country since the coronavirus outbreak. One woman in Lincoln wore the same T-rex costume as Ellie's to go shopping at her local Co-op supermarket.