A STUDENT from Kidderminster who says she was sexually assaulted while riding her bike during lockdown is encouraging other victims to speak out.

Megan Massey has waived her right to anonymity in the hope that sharing her story will inspire others in her position to report their assaults and seek support.

The 17-year-old has told how she was sexually assaulted by two males while out for her daily exercise along the River Severn in Stourport on April 16.

She said she was riding her bike when two males with three dogs blocked her path. Megan says one of the males mounted the back of her bike and touched her inappropriately.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Megan was out on a bike ride in Stourport during lockdown when the assault took placeMegan was out on a bike ride in Stourport during lockdown when the assault took place

Megan then climbed off the bike to turn around, when the other male took the bike off her and pushed it along Severn Way and into a wooded area near to Britannia Gardens, where Megan says she was sexually assaulted while trying to get her bike back.

"I was shaky and upset afterwards," said Megan. "I pushed my bike back down the canal and told a lady not to go in that area because of what happened.

"I made my way down to the boat club and sat on a bench and called the police.

"I was debating whether to report it or not because I was thinking 'they didn’t rape me', but they did assault me.

"I'm glad I did. Police came straight away and brought two police vans and a car. They were very supportive."

Police say no one has been arrested for the assault, but said the investigation is ongoing.

Megan added: "I didn't know straight away that I wanted to tell people about what happened to me, but I realised it's not my fault and I want to help others.

"If I can use what happened to inspire other people to speak up - it doesn't matter if it's straight away or a long time after it's happened - that police can help.

"I want people in my situation to know that they have done nothing wrong."

Megan says she is now receiving support from her family and a college counsellor.

Detective Inspector Justin Taylor, from West Mercia Police, said: “Suffering a sexual assault is an horrific ordeal for the victim and I commend the courage and bravery of anyone, like Megan, who decides to speak out in order to raise the awareness of reporting such assaults to the police.

“I would say to any victim, female or male, who has been sexually assaulted to please come forward and report your experience to us.

"You can do this in the full knowledge that you will be supported by West Mercia Police throughout the entire investigation and any judicial process.”

Anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault can also contact the Victim Advice Line, a free and confidential support service for victims of crime in West Mercia. Anyone can call 0800 952 3000 or email info@victimadviceline.org.uk for support.