A TRAVELLER living at a caravan park in Stourport has hit back at the council's claim it is working hard to increase recycling rates in the area - saying his community has been asking for green bins for five years.

David Doe says he and fellow residents at Lower Heath Caravan Park are still waiting for recycling bins to be delivered despite apparently contacting Wyre Forest District Council on several occasions.

Last week, The Shuttle revealed that some traveller sites are not included in the council's current recycling schemes, meaning residents are able to dispose of all rubbish in their general waste bins.

One binman described the rules as "unfair" and claimed refuse collectors are "told to just take the whole lot to keep the peace".

Wyre Forest Council said it had tried to introduce a recycling scheme in the particular area in the past and would be working with the community to reduce waste and increase recycling.

But caravan park resident David said: "We pay council tax for our bins to be tipped every week, just as folks would who live in a house.

"We have asked for recycling bins many many times but we are still waiting. I applied again about three of four weeks ago and not heard a thing.

"We can’t even get new bins delivered - my parents have bins dated 1984! Perhaps Wyre Forest Council need to get their act together."

Councillor John Thomas, Wyre Forest District Council’s cabinet member for operational services, said: “It’s pleasing to hear that the residents are keen to recycle as it is our intention to introduce this very shortly.

"We want to work with all the site residents so that they can play their part in helping to reduce waste."