A VIDEO showing a group of people cheering on a boat as it zooms down the River Severn in Stourport has been branded "unbelievable" by locals.

The footage, which is being shared on social media, appears to show a group of around five people sat closely together waving their arms and cheering as they pass the camera near to the Angel Inn pub.

The video has been met with outrage from some viewers on Facebook, who described the boat's speed as "dangerous" and questioned whether the passengers were flouting lockdown rules.

One person commented: "There are nesting birds whose nests will have been washed away, to say nothing of eroding the bank."

Another person said: "It’s a wonder it didn’t turn over", however one viewer described it as "harmless fun".

West Mercia Police said the incident had not been reported but issued a reminder on social distancing rules.

Inspector David King said: “We were not aware of this video or incident and have not received any direct reports.

"Incidents where the law has been breached can be reported to us online and we would like to take this opportunity to remind people the importance of social distancing in order to keep everyone safe and to protect the NHS.”