AN 88-year-old Kidderminster grandmother says she can't believe that videos of her dancing online have been watched by nearly 30 million people.

Ruth Rudd's attempt at a popular TikTok dance challenge has gone viral on the video sharing site.

The dancing gran is now using her new-found fame to raise the profile of her granddaughters' football team, Cookley Ladies FC, which is in desperate need of new players and sponsors.

A second video, posted online by granddaughter Jess, shows Ruth dressed up in a Cookley Ladies kit, dancing and scoring a goal in her garden.

Jess' twin sister Grace, 25, said: "Because of lockdown, we've been coming round to stand outside my nan's house to see her, and one day my sister Jess said she had seen a video of someone else's nan dancing and said our nan would be great at that.

"We filmed nan doing a popular dance on TikTok and we thought nothing of it - Jess didn't even put any tags or do anything special with the video - but it went viral.

"Within a day, it had more than 50,000 views and it's now got 27 million, plus over a million likes.

"We had a great idea to get nan in a Cookley Ladies kit to help raise awareness because we're looking for new sponsors.

"It took a thousand attempts for nan to get the ball in the goal, even though it was right in front of her. All the neighbours came out to watch, it was really funny."

Ruth has been self-isolating in her Habberley home for eight weeks, and told The Shuttle she doesn't mind people laughing at her dancing.

She said: "I can’t understand what’s going on - I'm just an 88-year-old disabled woman who has trouble walking who has become famous for dancing.

"I'm just being stupid and everybody is liking it. How on earth an old woman like me can become famous, I don't know.

"I just did it to help the twins raise some money for their football team. They need new kits and funding, so people can laugh at me all they like - I don't mind.

"It's just making me so happy to make other people happy."

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