A PETITION has been set up calling on the council to resurface roads around the Spennells estate in Kidderminster which have become sticky and unsightly during the warm weather.

Residents say tar and gravel from roads on the estate have been sticking to their shoes, car tyres and to pets' paws since the resurfacing job carried out by Worcestershire County Council contractor Ringway last June.

Spennells resident Terri Wilcox said: “I walked through the estate and was shocked what a state the roads were in.

"My shoes and pushchair are covered with bits stuck to them! How they can say nothing is wrong with the surface is beyond me - every street we walked through all had the same problem.”

Kidderminster Shuttle: Residents say gravel and tar from the road surface has been sticking to people's shoes, car tyres and pets' pawsResidents say gravel and tar from the road surface has been sticking to people's shoes, car tyres and pets' paws

Another neighbour commented on Facebook: "Once again after just a day of sunshine, the road surface is breaking up and bare tar patches are appearing.

"The original job was poorly done and a waste of money as it was a perfectly fine road surface beforehand.

"Cars paintwork and living room carpet are once again getting tar marks on them. It really isn’t good enough.”

A petition calling on the council to acknowledge the poor quality of the resurfacing job and fix the problem has so far attracted 80 signatures.

District councillor for Spennells, Helen Dyke, said: "Last year, we advised residents to submit their own individual complaints to the county council and we also compiled a detailed list of complaints and sent it directly to the cabinet member responsible for Highways at County Hall.

"We did not receive a reply and the same problems are back again this year."

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “All petitions that are submitted to us are considered and are responded to appropriately.”

View the Change.org petition here.