SUPPORTERS of the Extinction Rebellion in Wyre Forest staged a socially-distanced walk through Kidderminster today to post a letter to MP Mark Garnier calling for him to speak out on "government failings".

Members marched on the MP's constituency office in Lower Mill Street and attached a letter to the front door, demanding he "speak out publicly on the government’s failings on the climate and ecological emergency".

The letter also urged Mr Garnier to "come clean with constituents that government inaction [on climate change] will lead to the deaths of millions".

The demonstration coincided with the release of the annual report to parliament of the Committee on Climate Change, which the Extinction Rebellion says shows "little progress" in tackling the climate crisis.

Campaigners carried Doomsday Clock placards to emphasise the shortness of time they claim is left to avert climate catastrophe.

An Extinction Rebellion Wyre Forest spokesman said: “If we continue on our current course, the UK will be ravaged by floods, heatwaves, and loss of land to the sea.

“We are at a point in our history when the government must reset the economy with a Covid recovery plan that invests in a sustainable future, prioritising people over profit.

“We are asking Mark Garnier to support real democracy by using his position to influence the government to establish citizens assemblies, who would draw on the expert advice from climate scientists to inform government policy.

“The government states they have been guided by scientific advice in their reaction to the coronavirus crisis. They must do the same for the climate and ecological emergency.”

The Shuttle has approached Mr Garnier for comment.