NO more than three dogs can be walked by one person at a time when new controls come into effect in Wyre Forest this October.

Wyre Forest District Council's cabinet voted to approve a series of Public Spaces Protection Orders relating to dog walking and street drinking at a meeting last week.

A public consultation was held in May and June which attracted over 1,400 responses in total.

The orders will see some existing dog controls extended for a further three years, which includes requiring owners to:

  • Pick up their pet's faeces
  • Carry dog poo bags or other means to clean up after a dog
  • Place their dog on a lead when directed to do so
  • Keep their dogs out of fenced-off children's playgrounds.
  • Keep their dog on a lead while in Kidderminster Cemetery and Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Gardens in Bewdley

Two new restrictions will also require owners to walk no more than three dogs at one time, and keep dogs on a lead around the Stackpool at Springfield Park and Hurcott Pool in Hurcott Woods.

The following restrictions on street drinking will continue in Stourport and Bewdley:

  • A person drinking alcohol in public must surrender their alcohol (or anything which is reasonably believed to be alcohol) to authorised officers of the council or police when directed to do so
  • Failure to comply with this requirement will be classed as an offence and may result in a £100 fixed penalty notice

A council report on the PSPOs concludes: "The implementation of these PSPOs has the potential to deliver a significant positive community impact and will contribute to a cleaner and safer district and individual town centres and for visitors, businesses and residents of the area."

Other unrelated matters raised during the consultation period - including drug dealing in parks and open spaces - are set to be brought to the attention of council officers and parter organisations.