READERS have defended motorbike riders visiting Bewdley after complaints were made about the large number of bikers gathering on Severnside South.

Wyre Forest District Council said it would be initiating a consultation to make more space available for motorbikes in its car parks after receiving a number of complaints about riders parking illegally on double yellow lines.

The council has already funded new signs reminding people of the parking restrictions.

However, several residents in Bewdley have spoken out to defend the town's visiting bikers, commending the boost in trade they have brought to the area.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Motorbikes can often be seen congregating on Severnside SouthMotorbikes can often be seen congregating on Severnside South

One reader said: "I’m guessing that the bikers park along the river to keep their bikes in sight while they use the town’s facilities as a bike is much easier to steal or steal from than a car.

"Bikers have visited Bewdley for years and I don’t have a problem with it.

"It is a real shame that when Severn side was redesigned the bikes needs were not taken into consideration.

"The town needs as many visitors as possible for the business to survive."

One resident wrote: "The bikers have been parking in Severnside for nigh on 40 years, maybe more!

"They have never been a problem before, so why now? It has always been great to see them and they contribute to the economy of the town in a big way. Leave them alone to enjoy the place."

Another commented: "The biker community are amongst the most friendly, kind-hearted, supportive and extremely generous people. They come together for good causes and do a lot for their community."

Some of the visiting bikers have also weighed in on the issue.

One commented on social media: "The Riverside Cafe has done a roaring trade of the back of us motorcyclists. As for parking around the corner, why would we? The whole reason people started going there was because it was a nice place to park up, have a cuppa and a butty by your bike, by the river.

"If you stop us parking there, we will just look for somewhere else."

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Another wrote: "Won't visit again then, plenty of other places to spend my money on a ride out. Not leaving my bike out of sight in a quiet unsecure side car park."

Wyre Forest District Council has promised it will be issuing penalty charge notices for any vehicle parked in contravention of the restrictions - except those which are loading or unloading.

Councillor Helen Dyke said: “Bikers are welcome in Bewdley, a town which depends on its visitor economy, and we don’t have the power, nor would we wish, to ban motorbikes.

“However we would ask bikers to comply with parking restrictions in the town and not behave in a way that many local residents feel is anti-social.

“It is irresponsible to park vehicles on the pavements. It prevents pedestrians from using them safely, including people with loss of vision, disabled people and those with children in prams or pushchairs. It is not right that they have to use the road because of the selfish behaviour of a minority of road users.”