A NEW web based electronic patient record system is now in use across Worcestershire’s hospitals, reducing the need for patients to visit hospital for their procedures.

The new digital system OpenEyes is a secure open source electronic patient record system that allows health professionals to share information electronically across health care providers across Worcestershire.

OpenEyes enables clinical staff to record data in real-time, eliminating the use of paper. The new system is also designed to be used in any ophthalmic setting - treating eye conditions - across Worcestershire, meaning a patient’s information will be instantly available to authorised and authenticated users regardless of time and location.

Working in Partnership with AB EHR Digital, the clinicians have been directly involved in refining the care pathways to tailor the system to the clinical needs.

Malcolm Woodcock, consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “OpenEyes enables quicker, more effective sharing of information across ophthalmic services across Worcestershire, therefore improving patient safety and quality of care.

“It will enable more time efficient services, reduce the time required for administrative tasks by clinicians, improve the patient experience and improve the quality and availability of information stored about a patient.”

Matthew Hopkins, chief Executive of Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust, added: “This is yet another fantastic digital solution that has been implemented by our clinical and digital teams, that focuses on offering the best possible care to our patients.”

“Our teams continually look at ways in which our services can be improved that meets the needs of the people of Worcestershire.

"We would like to thank all our local health partners who have successfully worked together to get this system up and running.”

The software has been developed by a not-for-profit foundation run by UK NHS clinicians.